Absence Management for Professional Services

Our professional services customers range from property management to sector specific recruitment organisations.

The very nature of these companies usually means rapidly expanding and mobile workforces, emphasising the need for an absence management system that is versatile, accessible and easy to use.

Advantages for Professional Services Organisations

  • Ability to manage workers leave and absence both remotely and in the office
  • Accessible anywhere, any time on any device; perfect for on the go workers
  • Used by Derwent London, Flame Health, ISS Facility Services, Interseve and many more

We work with...

e-days Solution

e-days brings a sense of accessibility to your absence management processes, one not previously felt by restrictive paper and spreadsheets only accessible by management. With employees able to access their allowances and existing holiday in real time, the amount of ‘how much holiday do I have left’ emails are reduced to zero.

Our software is accessible on any device, anywhere at any time as long as you’re connected to the internet.

  • Over 1000 Clients
  • And 200,000 Users
  • With 18+ Languages available