Absence Management & Leave Tracking for the Public Sector

An all in one solution to help public sector organisations reduce absence and increase employee wellbeing

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Employee absence is a massive issue for the public sector

Employee absence in local governments is more than double the national average and the public sector has a much higher rate of absence than the private sector. Unplanned absence causes any organisation huge problems, but it seems that for public sector organisations, especially local governments, unplanned absences have an even bigger negative impact.

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Book Holiday

Empower your employees by giving them complete control over booking and managing their holidays

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Track Sickness

Help reduce sickness by reporting on all absence through our comprehensive reporting dashboard

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Employee Wellbeing

Get expert healthcare advice and help employees overcome illness with our direct integration into the NHS

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Secure Platform

Our platform is fully GDPR compliant and hosted on Microsoft’s industry-leading Azure Cloud platform

Reduce unplanned absences now

Whether it is a physical or mental illness, employees being off work costs businesses thousands of pounds every year. And with the public sector having a higher rate of absence compared to the private sector, unplanned absences are costing public sector organisations even more.

To start reducing unplanned absence, businesses need to be able to identify any sickness trends and then help unwell employees get better. Which can both be done in e-days.

Identifying sickness trends is easy with our inbuilt report dashboard. HR managers can build bespoke absence reports, giving them real insight into employee absences and allowing them to step in and help unwell employees. Then with our direct and unique integration with the NHS, manager, employees and HR can easily access professional healthcare information, helping to prevent sickness and speed up recovery.

We have already helped over 1,500 businesses worldwide to manage employee holidays, reduce absenteeism, track overtime and TOIL and do so much more. All through one online solution.

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“Using e-days has allowed our managers and staff to save a great deal of time, allowing them to request and approve absence in seconds!”

Head of Operations, Public Health England

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