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    Sports clubs and associations

    Track employee working hours, report on sick days, and help to reduce absenteeism all through a cloud-based system.

    Managing people's absence experience, better

    Get expert healthcare advice and help employees to overcome illness with our direct integration into the NHS.

    Start understanding employee sickness and take action

    Help reduce sickness by reporting on absence days through our comprehensive reporting dashboard.

    Accessible group calendars for greater visibility

    Increased visibility for managers as to whether a team member is off sick, on holiday, or just working from home.

    Outstanding technology & processes to safeguard employee data

    Our platform is fully GDPR compliant and hosted on Microsoft’s industry-leading Azure cloud platform.

    An absence management system to keep your sports club running smoothly

    Sports clubs are more than the teams on the pitch or the individuals participating. Behind every sports club, there are hard-working employees, from the HR team, the marketing department, and even security, all who help to keep the club ticking. Our cloud-based absence management system can be built to the exact specifications and needs of any sports club. With different working hours for each employee, pro-rata holiday allowance, and a reporting function that gives HR managers a clear picture of overtime or TOIL acquired, our absence management system is the perfect fit for any sports club.

    Reduce the cost of employee absences

    Removing the sports industry from the UK would cost the economy £23.8 billion in earnings, so when employees working in the sports industry call in sick, it not only costs that individual business but the whole of the UK.


    Employees calling in sick is not something new, but with the huge amount of money sports clubs get, being able to comprehensively track employee sickness and help reduce it, should be a top priority for all sports businesses.


    Not only can e-days help track employee sickness and report on various absence days, but with our direct integration into the NHS, managers can proactively seek out professional healthcare advice and help reduce the length of sick days.


    We have helped thousands of businesses worldwide manage employee sickness better. With enhanced reporting and a platform that be accessed anywhere in the world, reducing the cost of employee absences has never been easier.