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We work with the best in your industry; enabling them to give employees the best user experience possible when it comes to absence. 


Transform the experience for employees and managers with complete visibility

Visibility is crucial for thriving technology organisations. Employees need to see what holiday entitlement they have left, and managers need the tools to oversee availability and plan ahead for potential shortages.

Whether you have teams in different countries or just in a single location, our solution provides complete transparency of absence across your organisation. What's more, employees can book holidays and log sickness from any device, anywhere in the world.

Equipping you with powerful absence reporting 

Without data and insights, it can be hard to spot emerging absence problems like burnout and relay it to stakeholders in a way that is easy to digest and understand. 

Our real-time absence alerts and triggers ensure that managers and HR professionals are notified to instances of absence immediately; all in clear and concise dashboards. This allows you to take proactive action and give employees the wellbeing support they need, quicker.


Connectivity that rejuvenates your existing systems

You've invested in an HR, ERP or payroll system, but you need a better absence solution that doesn't result in switching.

We're the number one choice for global organisations because we connect with existing systems to make these solutions even stronger. From Workday to Oracle, our advanced flexibility means we fit to how you work and not the other way around.

Laura Handley, Head of HR at ENSEK software

"e-days has transformed the way we manage employee absence. We moved from inefficient paper and spreadsheets that caused us many pains from visibility to productivity, to a total digital solution that's elevated the employee-employer experience." 

ENSEK: Waving goodbye to paper and spreadsheets to better understand and manage employee absence


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