Edays Evolution

Edays is about to undergo evolution...




An improved user experience

We've listened to valuable feedback from our customers when making changes to Edays. Our aim is to improve your experience through the new interface, meaning a more user-friendly experience for you.

The evolution will bring


We’re making some improvements to our booking form in order to make it easier and simpler for our valued customers to use.

Ability to request wherever

Both planned or unplanned absences will be able to be booked from anywhere on the site making it easier than ever to book absences.

A clearer view

The new form will allow you to view other information such as the group calendar whilst booking absences. Ideal for helping to reduce the risk of absence conflict.

Improved User Notifications

We’re improving user notifications, helping ensure you always have a finger on your absence pulse.

Increased mobile responsiveness

Edays gives you the ability to book absence anywhere, at any time. Thanks to improvements we’re making, it’ll be easier than ever to book absence as Edays will be more responsive on mobiles.

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