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Absence tracking and reporting

Can absence be recorded and requested in hours?

Yes. e-days allows you to configure all absence types to be recorded in hours, days or half-days, with customisable settings for different working patterns (i.e. shift work, part-time employees etc.)

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Does e-days calculate the Bradford Factor for employee absence?

Yes. If enabled e-days automatically calculates an on-going Bradford Factor score for every employee, and if turned on, can display live scores on individual profiles. If you do not use the Bradford Factor, this feature can be turned off at the click of a button.

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Can we manage any type of leave or absence?

Yes. e-days allows you to track any type of planned (e.g. holidays, maternity leave, medical appointments, business trips, TOIL etc.) or unplanned absence (e.g. sickness, compassionate leave, unpaid leave etc.) in a single system. You can also create custom absence types specific for your organisation and define rules for how these are to be used and recorded.

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Can e-days replace our return to work paper forms?

Yes. e-days provides online return to work forms that allow you to document your process and store this information securely against individual employee records. Now managers have instant access to historical absence data and supporting documentation for returning to work interviews.

How flexible is e-days in terms of adding custom absence types?

e-days supports all custom absence types, allowing you to add as many types as you’d like and define rules for how these are to be used and managed. This is just one example of the flexible features e-days has.

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Can I easily identify trends in employee absence?

Yes. e-days powerful analytic features allow managers to generate comprehensive absence reports at the click of a button and export the data to excel for further analysis.

Reporting dashboards providers managers with a graphical overview of absence trends via graphs and charts that track the cost of absence, absence types, absence levels, etc. across teams and departments. Now you can better understand the absence for more informed decision making.

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Will the system alert me if any absence triggers occur?

Yes. You can configure system alerts to trigger if specific absence conditions are exceeded and automatically notify specified individuals via email immediately.

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Can employee access their holidays and entitlement at any time?

Yes. As a web-based system, e-days can be accessed 24/7 meaning employees always have access to their absence records and can check their entitlement through our annual leave tracker. And, authorised users can export specific absence data from the system at any time.

Is e-days capable for international organisations with teams in different countries?

Yes. e-days is built from the ground up to be globally capable of organisations that operate in different territories and countries. What’s more, e-days is available in over 36 languages.

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Users and requests

Can the system automatically calculate holiday entitlement public holidays for different locations or countries?

Yes. All annual public holidays and company grace days can be managed separately by location or department.

Can e-days handle emoployees who works on shift patterns?

e-days caters for all working patterns, allowing you to assign rota patterns on an individual, team, or department basis. With e-days, you have the flexibility to manage part-time and rotating shift patterns in a single system. All entitlement balances are pro-rated and tracked accordingly.

Can e-days track long service awards?

Yes. e-days has the unique ability to manage and track employee long service awards.

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What is required to set e-days up?

Not much. Because e-days is accessed through a standard internet browser, it doesn’t require any software downloads. The system is securely hosted and maintained by us making it extremely to setup remotely. All we require from you is your employee data and current absence records and we’ll take care of the rest.

How soon can get e-days up and running in my organisation?

This very much depends on the complexities of your requirements as well as how soon data can be provided. However, for companies sized under 500 with minimal complexities, we get companies up and running within 30-days on average.

Technical specification

Can e-days connect and work with my existing systems?

Yes. The unique flexibility of our system means we’ve helped complement and improve existing systems for our customers, including ERP systems (SAP, Oracle), Payroll (Sage), and core HR systems (Workday).

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How is data stored and will it be safe?

Your data is stored on the world-leading Microsoft Azure cloud platform. By default, we use UK datacentres – UK South (London) and UK West (Cardiff), UK South being the primary location, with backups stored in UK West.

All of your data is encrypted at all times, both at rest and in transit using the most modern encryption standards and algorithms.

Learn more about our data and system security here.

Subscriptions and pricing

Is there a fee if we wanted to end our subscription?

e-days is offered on an annual subscription basis, meaning charges are made upfront for an initial 12 month period and renewed annually.

At the end of your annual subscription, if you do not wish to continue with e-days, there are no exit fees.

Pricing Plans

Help & Support

Is customer support included, and how is it handed?

Yes, we’ll always support our customers and want them to get the very best experience of using e-days.

We have extensive FAQs and support documentation so that our users can self-help and we have a dedicated 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support team, accessible via our online customer portal: https://support.e-days.com/support/home

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