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Sensitive employee data is at risk

When we think about the general aim of the GDPR, safety and security of sensitive data is paramount. From a HR/Absence Management perspective, the data handled is often of a sensitive nature with employee sickness records, holiday details and important pieces of employee data such as payroll numbers often on show.

If organisations are still using paper and spreadsheet based Absence Management processes, then employee data is easily accessible and much harder to keep secure than say that based on a more modern cloud-based software.

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Outdated paper, spreadsheets and email

If you’re currently using a paper and spreadsheet based Absence Management system, with requests and other important information stored in files, take a second to think about everyone who has easy
access to that data.

Shared spreadsheets open the risk of people making amendments without the authority to do so, and the use of paper requests increase the risk of sensitive data being lost.

Can you comfortably say your current processes leave you compliant come May 25th?

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