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Minimum holiday entitlement


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Additional leave compliance rules and complexities

Annual leave

Employees get 11 days of paid annual leave in their first year in a role. This extends to 15 days a year in their second and third year in a role. From their third year onward, they get 1 extra day’s paid leave for every two years they spend in a role, up to 25 days.

Sick leave

Though there are no statutory laws regarding sick leave and sick pay, employers are obliged to pay workers for the duration of their recovery for any work-related illness or injury.

Maternity and paternity leave

When it comes to maternity leave, there are slightly different rules for small companies and large companies. However, the difference is only in how much of an employee’s maternity leave allowance the government pays, and how much the employer pays. In each case, mothers can take up to 90 days’ maternity leave, or 120 days if they have twins. Fathers can take up to 10 days of paid paternity leave. Mothers and fathers can also take up to 1 year of parental leave, during which time they’re paid a proportion of their regular salary. The more time they take off, the less of their salary they receive.