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Minimum holiday entitlement


paid public holidays

Paid public holidays per year


Additional leave compliance rules and complexities

Working patterns

Full-time work is 8 hours a day, or 40 hours a week. Employees may not work more than 80 hours overtime in a year. Employers have a choice when it comes to compensating overtime. They can either pay a higher amount than the employee’s salary (there are to be no laws for the specific amount) or they can give equivalent time off in lieu.

Annual leave

Each week, Spanish employees are legally entitled to an uninterrupted rest period of at least 1.5 days. In the majority of cases, this period must include Sunday. There are extra complications when it comes to public holidays, as each Spanish province has a different number each year.

Sick leave

When it comes to sick leave, employees get no pay for their first three days of absence. After this, the employer must pay sick leave, with the rate set at 60% of the contribution base of the previous month. After 16 days of sick leave, the employer can deduct this amount from the employee’s mandatory social security payments. After 21 days of sick leave, the rate rises to 75%.

Maternity and paternity leave

As for maternity leave, employees are entitled to 16 weeks. During this period, employees get a maternity benefit instead of their salary, which is covered by social security. Fathers can also get up to 16 weeks of paid paternity leave, which must begin after the birth.

Marriage leave

Spanish employees have entitled to 15 days of marriage leave.

Moving leave

Employees in Spain are entitled to 1-day of moving leave if an employee’s relocating to a new house.