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    Brazilian Real (BRL)

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    Minimum holiday entitlement


    paid public holidays

    Paid public holidays per year


    Additional leave compliance rules and complexities

    Working patterns

    In Brazil, employees cannot work more than 2 hours of overtime a day. However, some forms of work are exempt from overtime. For example, employees who work from home may not be eligible for overtime rates.

    Annual leave

    Employees get 30 days of paid annual leave a year once they’ve been in a role for more than 12 months. They must take all of their leave in a 12 month period, though they can cash in up to 10 of their leave days to receive a holiday bonus. They can take their leave on 3 different occasions, one of which has to last for at least 14 days. Employees cannot take leave within 2 days of a weekend or a holiday. Though Brazil has 13 national holidays, some regions may observe more.

    Sick leave

    In terms of sick leave, employees get 100% of their salary for the first 15 days of an illness paid for by the employer, after which time social security takes overpayments.

    Maternity and paternity leave

    Women can get up to 120 days’ paid maternity leave, though businesses that enroll in certain government schemes can extend this to 180 days. This scheme also allows new fathers to take up to 20 days’ paternity leave – otherwise, they’re only entitled to 5 days. There are no provisions for shared parental leave.

    Marriage leave

    Employees in Brazil can take up to 3 days’ leave for marriage.

    Bereavement leave

    Employees in Brazil can take up to 2 days for bereavement.