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    Additional leave compliance rules and complexities

    Annual leave

    Employees in Honduras don’t just get annual leave. They also get statutory vacation pay, which employers must payout at least 3 days before employees take their leave. The amount of leave an employee gets each year depends on their length of service. For their first year, they get 10 days a year. This extends to 12 days a year in their second year, and 15 days a year in their third year. After they’ve been in the role for 4 years, they get 20 days of paid annual leave each year.

    Sick leave

    Employees can take up to 26 weeks a year on 66% of their pay. But if the employee is in hospital with no dependents, then they are entitled to 100% of their pay. Sick pay is split evenly between the employer and the state.

    Maternity and paternity leave

    Maternity leave pay is also shared by the employer and social security. Mothers can take up to 10 weeks at full pay, 4 weeks before birth, and 6 weeks after birth. There are no laws for paternity or shared parental leave.