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Learning Centre

We’re excited your business is joining edays and becoming a part of the edays community. The training you will go through will allow you to configure your new edays system to your business requirements; and allow for you to administer and use the system on a day-to-day basis. Along with the training videos, we have also provided links you may find useful within our knowledge base to gain further understanding using real-life examples so you can see what functionality is available and how to implement it within each topic covered.

1 - Introduction

2 - System Hierarchy

3 - System Setup

4 - Rota Patterns

5 - Custom Days

6 - Public Holidays

7 - Groups

8 - Authorisation and Roles

9 - Entitlement Setup

10 - Entitlement Accrual Setup

11 - Absence Type Setup

12 - Overtime & TOIL and Buy & Sell

13 - Templates

14 - Adding Users

15 - Updating User Profiles

16 - Bulk Update Tools

17 - Records and Recycle Bin

18 - User Views and Custom Filters

19 - Alert Groups

20 - Employee Directory

21 - Document Portal

22 - Time Tracking

23 - Working Locations

24 - Workflow Builder

25 - Public Holiday Proration

Launching edays - Without SSO

Standard User Overview

Standard Authoriser Overview

Time Tracking Overview

Reporting Overview

Mobile App Overview

Mobile app overview - thumbnail