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    learning cenre

    Entitlement Accrual Setup

    How to automate your absence leave polices, giving users an entitlement award based on if they meet the criteria


    This video details how to automate your leave and absence leave polices, giving users an entitlement award based on if they meet the criteria. As an example, a long service award given after 12 months of continuous service of 1 day per calendar year up to a set limit. The video also illustrates how to apply these to existing entitlements: 



    • 00:51s – Creating an Entitlement Accrual Template 
    • 04:05s – Creating an Entitlement Policy 


    Example Configurations 

    Ott & Grant have a policy for their staff in Spain in which they provide additional annual leave to long serving members of staff. After two years, staff receive an additional 1-day annual leave per calendar year for the next 3 years to add to their 25 days of annual leave they receive as standard. Kasper is about to have his 5th anniversary at the company and currently has 27 days of annual leave. At the start of the new calendar year, he will have 28 days per year going forward but cannot accrue any more as he has reached the maximum set by the company on the edays system. 

    For their site in Germany, staff accrue holiday as they work, earning 2 days of holiday per 1 month they work and it is accrued on the 1st of each calendar month, which equates to 24 days of holiday per calendar year. Megan has been working for Ott & Grant for the last 3 months and she would like to take some time off for a family wedding.  Megan has so far accrued 6 days of annual leave so can submit a request for a long weekend.  


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