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    learning cenre

    Overtime & TOIL and Buy & Sell

    edays enables you to manage your overtime and TOIL by allowing you the flexibility to create different types which can have different rates associated to additional time worked


    This video covers how to add an overtime and/or TOIL type and the settings related to these. It also covers the settings within the pre-existing buy and sell types (ie a salary sacrifice for further holiday or forfeiting holiday in lieu of additional funds to their salary) and how to enable or disable these. 


    Example Configurations 

    Ott & Grant pay staff in Spain overtime for the hours worked, staff in the Germany accrue TOIL which is added to their entitlement and staff in the Netherlands can buy or sell up to 2 days of their annual leave per calendar year.  

    Renaud is paid €20 per hour and works 40 hours per week in the Spanish office, he has been working 5 extra hours per week to help clear some backlog caused by low staffing levels in the accounts team. Ott & Grant pay staff in Spain every two weeks. Renaud submits his overtime via the edays system which is approved by his line manager. The accounting team can use this report to get information needed to complete payroll which indicates that he should be paid for a total of 90 hours worked in the past 2 weeks. The overtime is specified at time and a half so for those extra 10 hours worked he will be paid 30 per hour (The cost will need to be calculated outside of edays but the amounts can be exported using the reports). 

    Neil works at Ott & Grant office in the Germany and works 40 hours a week. Due to similar problems, they are having in Spain, Neil is working an extra 5 hours a week to help clear some of the backlog. His TOIL is specified as 1 hour additional worked = 1 hour TOIL. At the end of the two weeks’ pay cycle, Neil has accrued 10 hours of TOIL which will be added in a separate TOIL entitlement.  

    Claudia works at the Ott & Grant office in the Netherlands and would like to buy some additional annual leave for the next calendar year as she is planning on taking several short break style holidays. She submits her request which is accepted and to pay for these holidays, the company actions a salary sacrifice, and those two days are paid back by receiving a lesser salary over the year. Payroll are able to run reports once the buy/sell window is disabled in the admin and they can easily see this information.  



    • 00:10s – Overtime and TOIL Overview 
    • 00:59s – Adding an Overtime or TOIL Type 
    • 03:04s – Editing the Buy and Sell Types  


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