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    learning centre

    User Views and Custom Filters

    edays allows for any user to have visibility of anyone they need to see within the key areas of the system


    edays allows for any user to have visibility of anyone they need to see. There are 4 key areas of the system, where you can set, and control users views and custom filters:  

    • Admin Panel 
    • Calendar View 
    • Reporting View 
    • Staff Record View (Who a manager can see and access) 

    This video covers creating and editing default user view settings and the standard view which can be setup on global, template, and user level. It also shows how to customize these views using the Custom Filter tool. This tool allows you to create a view of users which can be applied to one or multiple users on their user level or by using the bulk user update tool.  


    Example Configurations 

    At Ulrich Enterprises, Emil is the manager of the system development team, and he has three members of staff, Eli, Samson and Omar. Due to the settings set by applied by the system administrator, Emil can see his team on their calendar view only. As Eli, Samson and Omar need to see other departments and when their team members are off.  They have asked the system administrator to amend their calendar view so they can see the whole company in an effort to help them identify opportunities for integration with other teams.  

    Some changes within the company mean that the current administrator of the system needs additional administrative support with duties related to the team. These tasks are delegated to Eli, who now is given access to the admin panel for everyone in the system. 



    • 00:16s – Where to find User View Settings 
    • 00:42s – Default Settings and what they do 
    • 01:30s – Custom Filters Overview 
    • 02:05s – Adding a new custom filter 
    • 03:06s – Assigning a custom filter 


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