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Rota Patterns

This video covers how flexible the rota pattern tool is within edays and how to create standard rotas for day or hour-based users


This video covers how flexible the rota pattern tool is within Edays and how to create standard rotas for day or hour-based users. You can also create rotating rota patterns i.e., 4 weeks rotating and 4 on 4 off shift patterns. You might refer to the rota pattern as a shift pattern. Please note night shift workers will always need to be recorded in hours and book leave in hours for edays functionality to be maximized.



Pallas Accountants has a number of staff working different such as the below rotas.

  • Jane works on a day-based rota of Mon, Wed, and Fri per week
  • Fred works an hour-based rota of Mon (8 hours) and Thurs (6 hours) per week
  • Dom works a day-based rota pattern, which rotates. The first week he works Mon to Fri and the second week Mon to Thur. Dom works 8 hours a day, every day he works.
  • Tiana works an hour-based rota, which rotates after a four-week cycle.
    • 1st week – Mon (10pm – 6am; 8 hours)
    • 2nd week – Mon (10pm – 6am; 8 hours), Thurs (12am – 6am; 6 hours) and Fri (12am – 5am; 5 hours)
    • 3rd week – Mon (10pm – 6am; 8 hours) Tues (6pm – 12pm; 6 hours)
    • 4th week – Mon (10pm – 6am; 8 hours) and Fri (5 hours)

Pallas Accountants create rotas to apply to all users or to individual user accounts. Consequently staff who have an hour-based rota will always have entitlement calculated in hours and vice versa for day-based users. This ensures easy and quick calculation of entitlement and TOIL.

For users on a rota like Tiana’s, who work a shift which starts on one day and finishes the following morning, Pallas Accountants would set the first two hours of their working shift on Monday and the additional 6 hours would be assigned to Tuesday. In instances like week three where Tiana works on the same day twice, Pallas Accountants would set 2 hours on Monday and 6 hours on Tuesday morning for the first shift and then an additional block of 6 hours on Tuesday for the second shift.



  • 00:30s – Creating a new Rota
  • 01:42 – Configuring the Working Days
  • 03:32 – Applying Rota Patterns


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