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Custom Days

Custom days are like public holidays as they prevent users from booking leave on that day. This is typically used for Christmas Shutdown


Custom days are like public holidays as they prevent users from booking leave on that day. This is marked on users’ calendars by the administrator. Examples of a Custom day include a “company shutdown” which could take place on working days that occur between Christmas and New Year. The business could decide to deduct these days from a users’ entitlement balance by assigning these days as Custom Days



  • 00:20s – Adding a Custom Day Group
  • 01:19s – Adding Dates to the Group
  • 02:40s – Applying Custom Days to the Calendar




Ott & Grant schedules a new product launch event which all employees need to take part in. Using the Edays system, Ott & Grant create and apply a custom day at a global level which cascades to all edays users in the organisation. All users will be able to see this Custom day on their own calendar and also within any groups they are a part of. Users will not be able to request annual leave on this day.


All Germany based employees in Ott & Grant have also been invited to a  ‘Company Team Building Day’ on the 1st of April. By applying this via a Template level setting this will show on the calendar only for users associated to this template to avoid confusion for employees for whom this Custom day does not apply. This also helps managers determine who are the most appropriate people to divert phones and email support, while the team building day is taking place, ensuring staff  levels in other regions are adequately staffed on this day.

User Level

Ott & Grant have a board meeting once a year near the end of their financial year with key staff from their six sites. 3 members of staff from each site will need to be present for the meeting, which this year is on 1st June. Ott & Grant set a custom day at user level and will make it viewable to everyone within the wider organisation to ensure they are aware that they are unavailable that day. This will help company management cascade information to all sites to indicate who are the main points of contact in the absence of the most senior staff, ensuring as well that those staff are available on this date.


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