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    Public Holidays

    You can create public holidays within edays using our simple public holiday feed, or by manually adding these dates


    You can create public holidays within edays using our simple public holiday feed, or by manually adding these dates. As always, you can apply public holidays globally, or on a template or user level.  


    Example Configurations 

    Ott & Grant have six offices, two in Spain, two in Germany and two in Netherlands, as the public holidays in these three regions differ, they can add their own list of public holidays for each region or use the edays third party feed to import these in. These public holidays can then be assigned to a calendar either globally if a company only has one region, or in this example, within the Spain, Germany and Netherlands templates. However, Ott & Grant encourage integration with the two sites and assign some additional public holidays to each template to ensure staff have some key holidays off together. They used the edays third party feed to import standard holidays and then add additional days depending on the year. In 2022, Ott & Grant gave staff in all countries April 27 for Kings Day in Netherlands, May 24 for Pentacost in Germany, October 12 for Spanish National Day as additional public holidays, this was a good way to enable greater integration between the three countries. For a small number of staff who had to work on the public holidays to support clients, they were given TOIL in the form of 1 day = 1.5 days to ensure they did not miss out on the additional leave time given.  



    • 00:10s – Creating a new Public Holiday Group 
    • 01:21 – Adding Dates to the Group 
    • 02:54 – Applying Public Holidays to the Calendar 


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