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How to create group types and subsequently, add new Groups to these group types.


Groups may be used to create and control your edays company hierarchy structure or configuration levels.  

Edays group functionality is flexible. You can set them up as you need and set maximum caps such as how many people can be off at the same time depending on their group. Where public holidays are set is dependent on the makeup of your company. If you work across one country, you will update your public holidays at a global level. If your business is based across multiple countries, public holidays would be set at a template level.   

This video covers how to create group types (by country as an example) and subsequently, add new Groups (England as an example) to these group types. It also covers how to set minimum staffing levels to a particular group. 

How customers allocate groups can vary depending on your requirements. Groups can include the country in which a user works, or it could be used to define keyholders or first aiders in one location. 


Example Configurations 

Ulrich Enterprises is a global organisation which has a hierarchy structure of Country, Location and Team. They have set restrictions when creating their group which limits the number of users who can be off at one time in the support team, which is a maximum of 2 people and is assigned to this team only.  

The support team has 6 people within the group. Benita and Lynsey have already submitted holiday for the week before Christmas, which is one of the team’s busiest times for telephone support. Lukas does not look at the group calendar and submits a leave request for Christmas Eve. Due to the system rules set by the administrator, his leave request will be automatically declined.  

By comparison, the accounts team have 10 users in their group and Ros and Patrice have also booked off the week before Christmas. Anissa, who is also in the accounts team submits a leave request for Christmas Eve. As there are no system rules set by the administrator, Anissa’s leave request is submitted to her authoriser for final approval.   



  • 00:23s – Creating a new Group Type 
  • 01:19 – Adding Groups and Minimum Staffing Levels 


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