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learning centre

Entitlement Setup

How to create new Entitlements and apply or disable these for certain users assigned to a template


This video covers how to create new Entitlements and apply or disable these for certain users assigned to a template. This video also details how configuring starting base entitlements correctly speeds up the process of adding a new user and then saves you significant time calculating the starting balance and configuring the rules for carry over every year. 


Example Configurations 

The Pallas Accountants staff contracts provide 30 days of annual leave per calendar year, which equates to 2.5 per month. Calum is a new starter and started on 1 June. When Pallas Accountants set entitlement, they set 30 days annual leave per calendar year, there are 7 full months remaining in the calendar year, which automatically calculates Calum’s allocation as 17.5 days for the remainder of the current calendar year. The balance for new starters is pro-rated based on remaining months, however the balance awarded in this situation may be slightly different to the 17.5 if the default prorate by remaining days option is applied. 

Rikki is also a new starter on 1 June but has negotiated an additional day of annual leave as part of her employment package. Rikki will also automatically have an allocation of 17.5 days of annual leave, but Pallas Accountants will amend Rikki’s entitlement to include the one extra day of leave agreed. 



  • 00:36s – Entitlement Setup Section Overview 
  • 01:40s – Creating a new Entitlement Pot 
  • 03:59s – Adding and Configuring Elements within a Pot 
  • 06:45s – Configuring carry over within an element