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    Create an App-Like Experience For Your Edays System

    By edays | News
    3 min read

    We pride ourselves on having a system that lets you book holidays, check entitlement, run reports and do so much more in a matter of seconds. We are constantly updating the platform to be quicker, better and include more amazing new features that help businesses.

    To ensure that we can consistently offer you an amazing absence management system, we need to be able to update it, add new features and fix any issues quickly. Which is one of the reasons why we have kept the platform on the web and not created an Edays app.

    Two reasons to keep our platform on the web

    As stated above, one of the reasons why we have not created an Edays app is down to the speed in which we can update, add new features and fix any issues.

    To create an app version of the platform we would need to create numerous versions to ensure it worked across all the different mobile devices and operating systems. If we did want to enhance the platform, we would have to create multiple updates, features, and fixes and then test everything on all different devices. Slowing the whole process down, meaning you wouldn’t be able to reap any of the benefits for a long time.

    The second reason is that the platform is already optimised for any device and work seamlessly across all different screen sizes. An app version of the platform would look and work exactly the same as our current mobile version.

    How to create your very own Edays app

    But fear not, there is a way you can have an app-like experience, whilst still being able to get all our updates and new features quickly.

    To do this on your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet, simply type the URL you use to access your platform in your browser. Once the login page is loaded, click the options/settings button (normally located in the top right of the screen) and select add to home screen or create shortcut.

    This will add an icon to your home screen that looks and works in exactly the same way as an app. Taking you straight to your platform in just one click.

    To help you further, we have created a couple of examples of how you can do this and how it looks on different devices.


    Computer with e-days app on



    Tablet with e-days app on



    Mobile phones with e-days app on

    Edays is an easy to use, global compliant absence management and holiday tracking software. If you want to see it in action and see just how easy it is to use, request a demo.

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