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    Are you an Absence Sufferer?

    By edays | Absence
    2 min read

    Just like the Absence Hazard (which you can read all about in our blog here), the Absence Sufferer is no place to be.

    An Absence Sufferer is compliant (which is good) but the real risk is that you are not competitive (this is bad).

    Usually, we find Absence Sufferers to be using a single HR system to track absence, or, if you are operating globally, you are likely using multiple HR systems, all of which are managing everything from payroll, holiday, absence, and onboarding. This is chaotic as it sounds. So, it definitely can’t be an easy process for the HR in charge of it all! It will also be costing you a lot of money, and it is unlikely this is being missed in the boardroom

    It’s likely that when asked about your absence systems you answer that “it does the job”, but further explanation or the request to show a new member of staff how it actually works is met with a frown. These HRIS systems are complicated, and absence needn’t be.

    As with an Absence Hazard, the risks are still present. However, the risk to reputational risk here is huge. Employee experiences are disjointed, your EVP is likely missing potential benefits, and there is no way to centralize data to make better, more informed decisions.

    We have created a free downloadable report that brings together our learnings over the years. We encourage you to take a look and get in touch if you think we can help.

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