Breaking up for the Christmas break is always nice, especially if you have an extended break. However returning to work can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when you are faced with a long, endless list of emails and phone calls on your first day back. e-days has put together some handy tips to help you ease back into work and be the champion of returning to work…


1. Enjoy your time off:

It may seem strange, but remembering to enjoy your time off is essential, try to forget the about any work responsibilities or stress and embrace the Christmas period. Having time off around Christmas is great and is always a welcome break from the potential busy periods in the office. There is always a part of you that wishes the holiday could last another day, however after a few lazy days at home or with the family, it’s nice to go back into the office feeling refreshed and ready for the New Year. Feeling refreshed & happy before you get back into the office will mean you are able to get back into your natural workflow rhythm quicker and you can hit the ground running with your daily activities.

2. Healthy eating:

After indulging a little too much over the Christmas break, it’s time to get back on the healthy train and make some healthy choices. Eating healthy foods can help to lift your mood, which is essential on your return to work. Healthy foods are also ideal to improve your well-being, which is essential to boost productivity in the first few weeks back in the office.

3. Prepare:

Although you want the extended Christmas break to last as long as possible, it is always ideal to have a quick scan of your emails the day before your heading back into the office. This way you have an idea of what to expect and give you the chance to mentally prepare for your return to your desk. You can even put plans in place for your first day back so you have a clear picture of what you need to complete and you avoid running around trying to get everything under control.

4. Meetings:

Putting off meetings until after Christmas may seem like a good idea before you break up for the holiday, however in reality this puts more strain on your workload after the break. You should plan any potential meetings until a week or two after you return, this way you can focus entirely on getting work completed and reduces the amount of disruptions that could potentially break up your workflow.

5. Plan Accordingly:

Don’t rush in and expect to complete all your work within the first few days! Be sure to pick out the most important items and inform users of updated deadlines if you need to. Attempt to schedule workloads with your colleagues to ensure you are not stressed with extra workloads in the first few weeks back at work. This way you are able to maintain productivity levels and won’t feel overwhelmed with any new projects that may come through thick and fast after the holiday period.

6. Book more holiday!

Look, we all need something to look forward to when we return from a long break from work. Setting holiday goals after key deadlines within the business or to reward yourself after stressful period can be a great way of motivating yourself. It also acts as a much smarter use of holidays than taking time off for time offs sake, of course it might be an idea to get yourself a leave planner in place to allow staff to more proactively manage their holidays, allowing them a degree of independent control.