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    The State of Absence Report 2023

    The State of Absence Report

    What is the current state of workplace absence, and what can organisations do to address it?

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    Podcast: Championing employee wellbeing to support business growth – with CCM Group

    3 November 2020 1 min read

    lady listening to state of work podcast

    Lockdown and Covid-19 are having a detrimental impact on employee wellbeing. But through these challenging times, there are some incredible HR professionals embracing extraordinary initiatives to drive engagement and support business growth.

    In this latest episode of State of Work, we’re joined by Chelsea Peek, Head of People at CCM Group (previously of E.ON and Rolls Royce).

    Providing Print, Creative, Marketing Services, and Product Fulfilment (PPE) to some of the UK’s biggest brands, CCM Group encourages open communication to champion employee wellbeing through their phase of rapid growth.

    Hit play to listen to Chelsea’s story as she spearheads and adapts her employee wellbeing strategy to align with CCM Group’s period of growth.



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    November 3, 2020

    Harry is Head of Customer Success here at edays, helping organisations to get the very best out of their edays system. His experience in SaaS and HR brings valuable insight into how organisations can better manage their people, processes and productivity.