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    Customer update: It’s business as usual

    By edays | COVID-19, News
    1 min read

    Supporting our customers through challenging times.

    A message from Steve Arnold, CEO.

    As of Thursday 5th November 2020, the UK is in a National Lockdown for the second time.

    Whilst this is tough for all businesses, we (your Edays team) would like to reassure all our clients that we are operating as business as usual, albeit from the safety of our homes. Now, just like any other time, servicing and supporting businesses is still our priority (along with our staff’s health and wellbeing of course). If you need help managing your absence.

    We can help. Absence matters, now more than ever.

    Please contact our support team at if you want to explore ways in which Edays can help.

    Please contact our Customer Success team, if you’re an existing customer wanting support. If you’re not yet an edays customer and want to learn about how edays can make a difference to you and your company, please contact

    Yours sincerely,

    Steve Arnold
    CEO, Edays Absence Management


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