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    9 Ways to Support Your People Managers In Reducing Burnout

    9 Ways to Support Your People Managers In Reducing Burnout

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    Podcast: Driving Data Science in HR with Peak Indicators

    5 May 2021 2 min read

    HR Technology

    Did you know that HR is among the front-runners in data-driven decision-making?

    In this episode, we’ve invited Antony Heljula, Technical Director at visionary data science and analytics firm Peak Indicators to discuss his latest thought-provoking report ‘Data Science in HR’.

    We talk about the key findings of Antony’s report, and the opportunities growing companies are missing without accessible data and intelligence that help HR make a bigger impact on company growth objectives. We also discuss:

    • Key findings of the report that compare HR to other parts of the business when it comes to being data-driven
    • How data and intelligence help drive the employee experience to put businesses in a better position for growth
    • The key barriers to becoming data-driven and what’s required from the business to remove them
    • The business case for HR to become more data-driven and how to secure the exec buy-in
    • “The HR data science pyramid”: a roadmap to helping HR become better equipped to leverage data and intelligence

    ‘Data Science in HR’, is free to download report at

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    May 5, 2021