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    How Easy is it to Integrate With Edays?

    By edays | News
    3 min read

    There is now HR software for every aspect of HR, whether it’s performance management, recruitment or learning. There will be HR software out there to help you with it all!

    As you may already know, there are many vendors out there who make bold claims they can handle every one of these aspects on their own. Some of them do deliver and offer everything, but often with a problem. What they offer is often very basic and lacks the in-depth functionality that customers crave!

    The is old saying “jack of all trades, master of none” comes to mind when thinking about these vendors. HR tool kits are so large and complicated that when businesses look to create a single tool that covers everything, vital areas are bound to be missed. Meaning that even though they can technically cover everything overall, there will still be parts of their software that people find lackluster.

    This is why we firmly believe that going with more specialised HR vendors is better. Specialised HR vendors tend to cover a single aspect of the HR toolkit in-depth, often meeting and exceeding the requirements of their clients. For example, we specialise in absence management, meaning our absence management platform has been built for one purpose, to manage holiday and sickness. Putting it far ahead of many others on the market.

    There is however a drawback to those companies that prefer to implement several of these specialist solutions to take care of their HR needs. They must ensure all their solutions integrate and communicate with each other efficiently, otherwise, this approach could lead to mayhem!

    Lucky for you, we integrate seamlessly with some of the world’s biggest HRIS, payroll and ERP systems. Allowing businesses to benefit from a robust absence management solution, no matter what other systems they use.



    The integration flexibility of our system isn’t limited to just HR software vendors. We also use integrations to improve our own solution, pushing the limited of what is expected from absence management solutions.

    We acknowledge that there is a massive opportunity to use absence management as a tool to promote employee wellbeing. So within our system, we now have a direct integration to the NHS that allows the employee to get expert medical advice via their Edays system.



    So, in short, it’s ridiculously easy to integrate your system with Edays, making it the perfect system to manage employee holidays and sickness on. If you want to find out how we can integrate with your current system please contact


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