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    Forbes: The startups helping companies thrive during Covid

    By edays | News
    2 min read

    This week, Edays was featured in a Forbes article, about how startups have been helping companies during the Covid-19 pandemic survive and thrive. When the crisis began, we were inundated with customer requests to ‘personalise’ their systems to reflect new terms the pandemic had brought to existence. Self-isolation and furlough were terms not commonly used when registering or tracking absence, yet almost overnight businesses were in positions where staff were no longer coming into the office, had come into contact with the virus, or were put on furlough. The updates to our software reflected this change to enable our customers to properly handle the absence of their staff from the office with triggers and alerts.

    Gone are the days where employees could text their manager to say they were sick. Businesses need to be acutely aware of the symptom’s individuals have, who in their team they may have encountered, as well as other areas in the office they could have posed an infection threat to. Companies have not only a social responsibility to ensure they are not contributing to the spread of the virus, but a corporate one to ensure their business remains sustainable during the crisis.

    The article by Alison Coleman highlights the five startups that have managed to combat coronavirus-related challenges and provide companies with solutions to ease them through lockdown. Edays stands alongside startups like Nightingale HQ and Findr that help businesses harness the powers of AI, HotelRunner that has enhanced the online visibility of independent hotels and chains, and finally rerusni who are helping SMEs overcome business insurance premiums, with little to no income.

    Read the full article here.

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