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    Cornerstone Convergence: The Global Absence Management Iceberg

    By edays | Absence, Global
    2 min read

    In a previous post, we outlined the top 5 unmissable talks and breakout sessions that are a must-attend at this year’s Cornerstone Convergence event. Today we have some extremely exciting news, we are delighted to announce that Edays will be delivering our own breakout session.


    The breakout session will be on Tuesday 12th November at 11:45am and hosted by our Sales Director, Alex Griffiths. He will be joined by Christian Hansen (Product Owner, Global HR IT) where they will discuss the enormous iceberg that is absence management and how it can have a major effect on businesses globally.

    In the session, we will investigate how a large number of global businesses don’t see how big the problem of absence management is until they look beneath the surface and see the whole picture. We will discuss how getting it wrong can have disastrous consequences in terms of data protection issues, non-compliance to policies and legislation, and a far less productive workforce.

    Attendees will get a rare chance to see how Edays is embedded into the Cornerstone solution and how Brenntag is currently using Edays to enhance their absence management processes.

    We are really excited to be talking at this year’s event and hope you can all join us to see how we can help you manage absence on a global level. If you are unable to make this year’s Cornerstone Convergence you can book some time with our consultants to discuss our Cornerstone integration.


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