Health & Wellbeing

In 2014, a law society survey showed that a staggering 95% of employees had experienced stress at one time or another as a result of their job. In recent years there has been greater importance placed on the role health and well-being play on reducing the impact of stress & mental health illnesses have on organisations.

Whilst health and wellbeing is an important consideration for all sectors, there’s a particular impetus on the legal sector given the high pressured working environment and sometimes unsociable hours that fee earners are expected to work.

Given the healthy remuneration on offer to fee earners in the legal sector, it’s often tricky to actively encourage these workers to look out for themselves and achieve a healthy work-life balance, as the dangled carrot of financial reward is often more enticing than the consideration of their own health and wellbeing.

Health and Wellbeing consideration can be quite simple to plan, most of the time it’s not about expensive subsidised gym memberships or healthy office snacks, and more to do with taking breaks and considering how impactful an extra days ‘impulsive’ annual leave could be for wellbeing.


Achievements of Health & Wellbeing activities

A CIPD survey conducted recently looked into the impact health & wellbeing activities have had on companies who have implemented them over the past year. Interestingly 31% reported lower sickness absence and 20% reported a reduction in work-related stress, a key consideration for the legal sector.



As part of this blog, we’ve created a health and wellbeing checklist for you to audit your organisation on. It contains a list of ideas on health and wellbeing that you could implement within your organisation, and check off as you go along to track which aspects are creating a change over time.


Health & Wellbeing Checklist

You may of course be wondering where to start with a health and wellbeing strategy, to help we’ve produced a checklist to see what you’re currently doing and highlight any areas where improvements could be made.

You can save the image below and print it off for your reference.



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