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    Time Submission: How to easily track employee hours with Edays

    By edays | News
    3 min read

    It’s no exaggeration when we say that Edays has the most innovative absence management platform on the market. We are always looking for new ways to improve the system, and the latest amazing feature we’ve added to our already amazing platform is time and attendance software to track employee hours. Clocking in and out of work with the click of a button.

    And just like our platform, the time submission software is extremely easy to use in terms of employees clocking in and out of work, managers checking employees’ working weeks, and absence reporting on various aspects of employees’ working weeks.

    To see how easy we have made our time tracking software for employees, managers, and HR, have a read of how it works below.

    1. How employees clock in and out of work

    1. To clock in, click the ‘Clock in’ button
    2. To clock out, click the ‘Clock out’ button

    That’s it really, there isn’t much more to say about this, it really is just 2 steps.


    2. How employees submit their working weeks

    1. Under ‘My tools’, click ‘Time submission’
    2. Click ‘Submit week’

    Employees can edit and add times in this section before submitting their working week, but again it really is that easy.


    3. How managers accept employees working weeks

    1. After receiving the notification email, click the ‘Login to Edays here’ button
    2. Once logged in, under ‘Managers tools’, click ‘Manager dashboard’
    3. Scroll down to where it says, ‘Action list’, where you will see all-time submissions from employees
    4. Here you can accept or reject these time submissions, or click through and check employees working hours, then accept or reject them

    Yet again, another easy process, we told you our time tracking software was easy to use.

    Time submission manager area


    4. How to report on employee working hours

    1. Under ‘Manager tools’ click ‘Reports dashboard’
    2. Click the tab ‘Data reports’
    3. Click the ‘Create report’ drop-down section
    4. Select one of three reports
    a. Create incomplete time submission report
    b. Create time submission daily report
    c. Create time submission weekly report
    5. Then using the report builder, drag and drop the information you want to report on
    6. Click ‘Run’

    We know, 6 steps, it’s a travesty there are so many steps. Although, the first 4 just require you to click your mouse once, so not particularly hard.


    If you would like to know more about our new time tracking software call us on +44 (0)333 300 3403 and one of our team can answer any questions you may have. If however, you would like to see the time and attendance software in action, click the request a demo button below and we can take you for a quick demo of the system and show you how easy the time submission module really is.

    See how our time submission software works and how we can help you manage your absences better.

    See Edays in action >



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