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edays Wrapped: HR resources to take with you into 2024

10 January 2024 4 min read

edays wrapped 2023 - hero image

As we kick off January 2024, we wanted to round-up some of the many eBooks, whitepapers, guides, blogposts and more that we produced in 2023. These are some of the highlights, covering important topics and talking points from the world of HR – from burnout, workplace flexibility, attitudes to annual leave around the world, and so much more inbetween.

We were so pleased to see that our customers continued to have a great experience with us in 2023, having received three accolades on Software Advice and Capterra for our comprehensive yet easy-to-use software.

Not only that, we attended the busy and bustling CIPD Festival of Work and ACE events this year, meeting business leaders and HR professionals from every sector to discuss absence management and how we could help their organisation.

Take a look at our 2023 round-up below…

We produced 8 eBooks, whitepapers and guides last year

edays wrapped 2023 - ebooks and whitepapers

💰 Uncovered: 9 Hidden Costs of Workplace Absence

​​​​​🌎 Exploring Global Attitudes to Workplace Leave

📈 The State of Absence Report 2023

Unbound: The Future of Workplace Flexibility

🧘‍♀️ 7 Initiatives to Promote Employee Work-Life Balance

🗣 What 100 HR Leaders Said About 2023

📉 5 Ways to Reduce Your Absence Rates Crib Sheet

​​​​​​✅ Acing Absence & Leave: Your End-of-Summer Checklist

Our most-downloaded resource was…

Download Exploring Global Attitudes to Workplace Leave now

Download Exploring Global Attitudes to Workplace Leave now

Download Whitepaper

You can check out all of our downloads here – they’re completely free.

We hosted 4 webinars, with 7 fantastic speakers

edays wrapped 2023 - webinars hosted


Guest speakers: Menopause Specialist and Wellbeing Consultant Stephanie Reid, and Culture Manager at Red Bull UK Natalie Duvall


Guest speakers: edays’ People Director Katrina and Founder of Limelight HR Sally Bendtson


Guest speakers: Senior Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant at HMRC Nahida Ahmed, and Senior HR Business Partner at EE Paul Knighton


Our most-watched webinar was…

HR Fireside Chat: Predictive Trends 2023

HR Fireside Chat: Predictive Trends 2023

Watch Webinar

All of our webinars are available to watch here, free and on-demand.

We wrote MANY blogs, covering everything from absenteeism to AI

edays wrapped 2023 - blog content

Have a browse through all of our blogposts here, and check out one of our most popular blogs Absence Anxiety: Why do we feel uneasy taking time off? which explores why many of us struggle to truly ‘switch off’ from work and take a well-earned break.

We won 3 awards in 2023 for our absence management software

edays wrapped 2023 - trophies gained

We were so pleased that thanks to the continued reviews and testimonials we receive from our customers, we gained three accolades from Software Advice and Capterra for our software. These awards validate our ongoing commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and excellence in the absence and leave management software space.

We attended 2 CIPD events

edays wrapped 2023 - events attended

The CIPD Festival of Work in London and the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition in Manchester were both great experiences. We had the opportunity to speak to all sorts of organisations, immerse ourselves in the talks, gain yet more valuable industry insight and of course, demonstrate how our absence management system can help streamline the way businesses handle absence and leave. We’re looking forward to attending even more events like these in 2024.

What’s next in 2024?

We’re looking forward to what this year has in store, as there’s no doubt the HR industry will continue to shift and evolve. Issues such as employee engagement, wellbeing and absence will continue to be front of mind as organisations strive to stay ahead of the curve on crucial areas including digital transformation and recruitment.

If you’re looking for a new absence management platform this year to streamline your processes – complete with staff holiday booking, absence reporting, sickness tracking and much more – click here to book a free, personalised demo.

Georgina at edays
January 10, 2024

Georgina Mackintosh is an accomplished copywriter and marketing professional with a background that spans several industries. Her writing focuses on HR topics such as employee wellbeing, engagement and experience - as well as absence management best practice, how-to guides and news from the HR sector.