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    6 Ways to Leverage Absence Data in Your Business

    By edays | Absence
    6 min read

    Data makes the world go around. Well, it may not make the world spin, but it is something that all businesses love. Businesses leverage data to help forecast for the future, see which areas can be improved, provide information on which marketing channels are working, the list goes on. Without data, businesses would standstill.

    So maybe the saying should be; “Data makes the business world go around.”

    Data makes the business world go around


    So, with businesses being so reliant on data, why when we ask; “Do you know how many days a year you lose to employees being off sick?”, do we often get a confused response?

    You may think this doesn’t matter. Employees go off sick all the time and there is nothing we can do about it, reporting on absence won’t help, it will only show irrelevant data on employee absence.

    To those who are thinking that we know you have never used Edays before, otherwise you would be singing a completely different tune. One that sounds like this . . .

    “Oh Edays, your absence reporting feature is amazing, we can get data on everything. It is so wonderful, you are so wonderful!”

    Ok, so the above quote may be going over the top. However, we can assure you that absence data is just as important as data about your website, customers, platform, or any other data you use to improve your business.

    Employee absences cost businesses thousands every year with the average cost of sickness per employee being a staggering £117.80 every year.

    Average cost of employee sickness


    To help you leverage absence data, we have an enhanced reporting feature that provides you with all the information you need on employee absence. Our custom report builder lets you easily report on employee absence with a simple drag and drop UI. With this you can report on absence trends, allowing you to then step in and help employees when they need it.

    Remember, if you look after your workforce, they’ll look after your business.

    6 ways you can leverage absence data in Edays

    Being able to leverage your employee absence data is easy. There are hundreds of different and unique reports that you can build through our custom report builder, providing you with different absence data that can help improve employee wellbeing and drive your business forward.

    e-days reporting dashboard


    1. Absences by employee

    The very first area you will want to look at is absence data on individual employees. Maybe you have noticed someone is taking a lot of time off or that you never see them on a Friday. Whatever the reason, being able to report on individual absences will help you see if there are any trends.

    With our reporting feature, you can quickly create a report on an individual employee, see if there are any patterns and either have a formal chat about their absences or step in and help them.

    2. Absence by area

    Similar to looking at data on individual employees, you can report on different areas within your business. Reports can be created by team, location, country, or office. These reports can give you clear visibility of employee absence across different areas.

    For example, you may want to see how much annual leave employees have left in each team. With a report like this, you will be able to see if certain teams have employees who still have all their holidays left.

    With this data, you can advise the manager to persuade employees to use some of their holidays. You don’t want to come to the end of the year and the whole sales team to be off at once. This can cause major staffing issues and really hurt your business.

    3. Cost of absence

    “What’s the ROI on that event?”
    “Did we get a good return of investment for that advert?”
    “I need to know the ROI for that project please.”

    All businesses want to know they are getting a good return for their investment. With the knowledge of exactly what they get back for every penny spent, they can then use this data to really help grow the business.

    Therefore, being able to see the cost of absence to business by team, location, office, or on an individual employee level, you can then investigate solutions on how to reduce this.

    4. Absence by type

    When we say absence, the majority of the time we are talking about holidays or sickness. However, these are not the only two types of absences. Working from home, doctor’s appointment, lieu day, training and personal day are just a few of the many different absence types that you can collect data on.

    Again, by being able to report on all these and many other absence types, you can help really your employees and show them you care.

    For example, one of the absence types you can report on is lateness. You may notice that an employee has been turning up late for work quite a lot. However, without sufficient data, just disciplining them for it could be the wrong choice. The data may show they are only ever late on a Thursday and Friday, which may be for an extremely valid reason. By being able to see this, instead of just disciplining them, you can sit down and help them.

    5. Monthly, weekly, and yearly reports

    To make your life even easier, which we are sure it already is if you are using Edays, you can create reports that will automatically run. By selecting certain criteria you want to report on, then selecting whether you want these reports to be based on the current week, previous week, month, or year, you can simply go in and at the start of the week or month and click run.

    You can create a holiday report that shows everyone who is on annual leave during a certain month, allowing you to easily plan for future projects.

    6. Everything absence

    “You can’t possibly mean Edays can report on all things absence-related?”

    By now you really should know, Edays is amazing and when we say you can report on everything, we mean, you can report on EVERYTHING!

    You can create hundreds of bespoke reports from ones that show total hours of absence, if the employee is still off, percentage absent, and much more. Whatever data you want to get on employee absence, you can get in Edays.


    Being able to easily leverage absence data will not only help your business but more importantly, help your employees.

    Start making absence matter with intelligent reporting and absence triggers

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