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    9 Ways to Support Your People Managers In Reducing Burnout

    9 Ways to Support Your People Managers In Reducing Burnout

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    It’s Never Been More Important to have Flexible and Efficient Systems to Manage Workplace Absences

    By edays | Absence, COVID-19, News, Sickness
    2 min read

    The Government announcement on 1st Jan, warned businesses to develop “robust contingency plans” for up to a quarter of staff to be absent from work in early 2022. Edays has fully customised ‘reasons for absence’ so you can see, at-a-glance, who’s isolating and sick, and who’s isolating whilst still working remotely.

    You are always aware of the number of staff that need understanding and support as they are sick, whilst also appreciating what skills the business is lacking – and for how long. Flexible systems like Edays matter when you need to appreciate the nuances of why someone is absent from work, and Edays allows you to create your own ‘reasons for absence’.

    Edays capture the reason for the absence and the information around it so you can understand exactly when the member of the team can re-join the workforce. This allows staff to return to work healthy and supported feeling like a valued member of the team. The contingency plans your business creates with Edays allows you to stay in control, even in uncertain times, by enabling: –

    There’s little need to check the constantly changing Government guidelines if you always know who’s off work and why. To speak to one of our team to learn more, click here


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