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    Webinar: Managing leave over the holiday season

    By edays | Absence, Engagement, News, Productivity, Wellbeing
    4 min read

    Our recent webinar, in partnership with People Management Insight, looked at how HR professionals and business leaders can effectively manage leave during the holiday season.


    Managing leave during the holiday season webinar


    In this webinar Philip Robinson, Data Scientist at edays, and Ruth Baker MCIPD, HR Business Partner at Phillips 66, discuss some of the issues businesses face in regards to holiday leave and how companies can avoid an end of year ‘rush’ as employees try to use up their remaining annual leave before the holiday season, carry it over to next year or instead receive payment for any unused leave. Ruth and Philip suggested ways in which HR teams can circumvent the affects of a build-up of leave at the end of the year, and offered some top tips for managing leave more effectively over the long term.


    The discussion highlighted some interesting stats – with 60% of those responding to our polls saying that their company is usually short-staffed during December.


    In addition, respondents said 50% of employees carry leave over into the new year. The COVID carryover has played a big part in this, as the government relaxed the rules on the number of days employees could carry over as they weren’t able or didn’t want to use it during the pandemic. The two-year timeframe for that relaxation is coming to an end this year, but people are still not using all of their annual leave before the year ends and will not be able to carry over as much as they could previously.


    What are our key tips for effective leave management?



    We also explore the following:



    The webinar is available to watch on demand here.


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