The first couple of days of the month usually only mean one thing…. reporting! For management this can include absence reporting for the previous month & planning for the month ahead by viewing current planned holiday bookings.

These tasks are time consuming and can dictate your entire day when it comes to making time to collate and distribute reports. With e-days we’ve simplified every aspect of reporting, a key time saver being reports you need on a regular basis only need to be created once and can then be scheduled to be sent to you automatically with fresh information as often as you need them.

All reports are also available to download in excel format, making it easy for you to distribute to key stakeholders within the company. We’ve outlined some of the key features within e-days when it comes to reporting so take a look below, you might just see something that will make the start of September a little easier than the start of August!


e-days Absence Reporting



A really important report for both HR and payroll is that of sickness absence for the previous month, to allow HR to track annual leave any trends and payroll to pay any sick leave or indeed hold back any pay.

With e-days, using our ready to run Absence Reports, you can filter by type of absence, date range and then be presented with a report on exactly what you’re looking for.

So if you were asked to produce a report for sickness absence over the last month, you could do exactly that within a couple of minutes

e-days Overtime Reporting



Overtime is a key component to many businesses, the ability to log overtime is a real selling point for e-days due to its simplicity and ease of use. As well as being simple to log, e-days also makes overtime tracking simple as well.

The reporting of overtime is vital for both HR and Payroll to ensure staff who have worked extra are paid accordingly on top of their standard allowance. Of course without automated reporting an a system to accurately track overtime, the process of collating all paper based overtime requests made during a monthly period could take hours, drastically reducing productivity.

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