Podcast: Absentee Leaders…invisible but highly destructive with Gillian Hyde

By Rachael Smedley | Engagement | 2 min read

In this episode, we’re joined by Gillian Hyde, a Chartered Psychologist at Psychological Consultancy Ltd specializing in HR with over 25 years of experience to discuss the impacts of “absentee leadership” – a silent killer of employee engagement and company culture.

Gillian takes us through the concept of absentee leadership with its key challenges and impacts on people and wider businesses including engagement, culture, and its correlation with unplanned absences among employees. To top it off, Gillian provides valuable tips to HR leaders on how to spot absentee leaders, and how to solve with early intervention techniques.

So grab a cuppa, and become better prepared to manage absentee leaders in your business.

What you’ll learn in this podcast

  • The concept of absentee leadership, how it can happen in any organization
  • The challenges and impact absentee leadership can have on the workforce and organization, from rising unplanned absence to staff turnover
  • How to identify these types of leaders – early intervention tactics, clues in the organization & characteristic profiles
  • The business case and what success looks like in an organization free of absentee leaders

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