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    Podcast: Demystifying employee engagement that build lasting leadership habits

    By edays | Engagement
    2 min read

    In this episode, we’re joined by Mark Gregory and Alex Lewis, employee engagement experts with over 50 years of combined corporate experience to discuss their fascinating new book “The engagement habit: For people screaming on the inside“.

    Throughout their careers and the time Mark and Alex have spent in corporate leadership roles, Mark and Alex have developed a firm grasp on the importance of involving and engaging their teams. Whilst many leaders understand that creating engagement is something they should do, actually making it happen remains a mystery. So don’t miss this chance to hear teasing practical insights from Mark and Alex straight from their new book.

    What you’ll learn in this podcast

    • The journey and evolution of employee engagement
    • Why companies struggle to execute employee engagement strategies that in turn impacts absenteeism, talent retention and turnover
    • Practical examples and habits of engagement drivers in the business including CEOs, HR leaders, and team managers

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