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    Same great Edays, brand new look!

    By edays | News
    3 min read

    Traditionally, Edays (formally written as e-days) was focused on saving HR professionals time and money through effective absence management. But over time, we’ve evolved. Yes, we’ll always offer cost and time saving initiatives as an output of our award-winning product – but it’s not our ‘why’ anymore. The world needs more.

    We exist to transform the world’s approach to absence and to change how businesses and their people experience it. We won’t rest until we’ve helped the world see that time away from work is just as vital to productivity, growth, and engagement (to name a few) as time is IN work – Absence Matters.

    With this new drive and mission comes the need for a brand-new look. The previous brand will always have a special place in our hearts, but it’s just not who we are anymore – a progressive company – laser focused on absence, helping HR take absence management to a more strategic level in their business.

    As part of the rebrand you’ll notice a few changes:

    • e-days will now be referred to as Edays (the hyphen had to go, who writes e-mail anymore!?)
    • A striking new logo and identity. The marks surrounding the ‘e’ representing both the hands of ‘time’ and the sunbeams of ‘the day’, representing the split between the working day and periods of rest.
    • A better brand experience on our website and social media channels. We might be Edays now but for the time being you can still find us at
    • Colour and font changes on the Edays platform (if you’re a customer and have the branding pack, you will not see these changes).

    “This is a new chapter for Edays, and this fresh look reflects the progressive organisation we are today,” said Richard Vincent, Edays’ CEO. “The way we present ourselves to the world may be changing, but our dedication to absence management is not. We are committed to transforming the way businesses approach absence with the most innovative absence platform on the planet.”

    The one thing that hasn’t changed (and never will) is our unrivalled commitment to our customers and the drive to innovate our product so that our customers can solve all of their absence management challenges more easily.

    Why? Because Absence Matters.


    If you’re looking to explore how more transformative absence management can help your business, contact us.

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