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    Setup your Edays system in 9 simple steps

    By edays | Absence
    3 min read

    So you are on the lookout for a new staff holiday booking system, one that makes the lives of both you and your organization’s employees easier. You already know all the amazing benefits of an absence management system and are now ready to take the next step. Implementation! But here lies the issue. You have been told that the system you have just bought was easy to set up and you wouldn’t need to do a thing… But as soon as you sign the contract, the true workload shows itself, with more work piling up on your desk than initially expected.

    What happened to the absence management system that would make your lives easier?!

    At Edays, we like to be completely transparent with our setup process as we believe we have one of the best and simplest around. Like our good old friend Leonardo once said.

    “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”- Leonardo da Vinci


    Just like our system, our setup process is easy too.

    With 9 simple steps to follow, you will be set up and managing your business’s absence more efficiently in no time. And what’s more, we can almost guarantee that it will be done with a smile on your face. Much like a lot of our customers who are extremely happy with us – check out our 5-star reviews.

    The easy Edays setup process

    At Edays, we have 9 simple steps to get you set up and ensure that implementation goes smoothly.

    1) Setup Questionnaire/Data Capture Form – You will receive a short questionnaire and data capture form to fill in, just so we can get a basic understanding of your business requirements.

    2) Kick-off Call – A 15-minute call to review your setup questionnaire and data capture form, also obtain further details for your setup.

    3) Document upload – Complete and upload the data capture form into the Edays HR document storage portal.

    4) Validate Data – Our onboarding team will review your data and provide any relevant feedback.

    5) Setup/Configuration – Using the data you provide; our onboarding team will create and update your Edays system.

    6) Training Call – An experienced member of the onboarding team will go through a demo of your Edays system.

    7) Launch – The onboarding team will provide a launch pack and give access to your system admins. From here, you can choose when the business will go live with Edays.

    8) Q&A Session – A member of the customer success team will check in and see how you are finding the system and answer any questions you may have.

    9) Account management & On-going Support – Once live, you will have access to the support team and a dedicated account manager.

    An easy and simple process, right? Book a demo with us today to find out how quickly you could be up and running with a new absence management system.

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