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How an Absence Management Strategy Can Supercharge Recruitment

27 April 2021 3 min read

absence and recruitment

The link between business growth and an intelligent recruitment strategy is stronger than you might think.


Effective recruitment will attract the talent your business needs to stay innovative and competitive – the secret sauce for growth. But what’s an employee absence policy got to do with recruitment? Let us explain.


An absence management policy helps you minimise the impact that unplanned absences have on your company. From boosting productivity to improving relationships between teams, there are many benefits that a better experience of absence can have on your recruitment strategy which is so critical to the growth of your organisation.


Dazzle Gen Z with a strong employer brand

Want to attract the best and brightest of Generation Z? Then you need to make your business an attractive place to work for. You need to work on your employer brand!


The latest generation of workers doesn’t want their whole lives to revolve around work. They want the freedom to determine when, where, and how they work.


With an absence management policy, you can offer this level of freedom without compromising on your staffing levels or your bottom line. A centralised, self-service absence management system gives employees total control over their working lives. Meanwhile, remote working policies and the occasional duvet day can help employees ensure that their work never gets in the way of life.


Looking for inspiration on how you can tailor your employer brand to attract better candidates? We’ve gathered examples of “absence-minded” businesses who seem to know exactly what they’re doing!

Champion wellbeing and make it matter

We all need a break now and then. Give employees the power to book their own leave, and they’ll be more likely to take time off when they need it. This simple step can prove highly effective at fighting stress and burnout in the workplace. The result? Fewer unplanned absences, and a healthier, happier, and overall more productive workforce.

Encourage existing employees to spread the word

If your employees are healthy and happy, and if you give them total control over their work/life balance, then many of them might start to love their jobs like never before.


With some gentle encouragement, and perhaps some strong incentives, you could persuade your employees to talk about their working lives on sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor.


Jobhunters actively research companies on sites like these. If they see lots of glowing reviews talking about how wonderful it is to work for you, you might expect a deluge of strong applications from very talented employees next time you advertise!

And it all starts with a better experience of absence

In short, a modern absence management policy adapted to a new world of work can make your business a brighter, more positive, and more productive place to work. And a better experience of absence with more empathy towards taking time off can make you an irresistible prospect to the talent your business needs to secure long-term growth.



Start making absence matter with an intelligent, centralised solution that helps growing organisations to thrive.

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Harry Customer Success Manager at edays
April 27, 2021

Harry is Head of Customer Success here at edays, helping organisations to get the very best out of their edays system. His experience in SaaS and HR brings valuable insight into how organisations can better manage their people, processes and productivity.