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    The Holiday Act: New Law in Denmark

    By Edays Admin | News
    2 min read

    On 1 September 2020, The Holiday Act in Denmark came into force, replacing the previous Holiday Act – which, at over 80 years old, did not conform to the EU’s Working Time Directive. 

    Under the new Holiday Act, everyone working in Denmark will be eligible for a paid holiday from their first day and will accrue a holiday each month. There will continue to be two kinds of holiday pay: paid leave with a holiday bonus and holiday with a holiday allowance. 

    Employees in Denmark will now accrue 2.08 days of holiday every month, which can be used whenever they want. The holiday will be accrued from 1 September to 31 August (12 months) and can be used between 1 September and 31 December (16 months). This gives both employee and employer more flexibility.  

    Whilst this is a positive step forward, inevitably, the new Holiday Act will impact the way businesses manage leave and absence. From entitlement calculations, negative holiday balances, and carryover policies, to holiday debt, and financial liability.  

    These are not changes to be made within manual processes using paper-based forms or spreadsheets.

    But we can help. We’re already making the changes for a number of current Edays users, helping them to configure their current templates (at no charge) so that their processes work in accordance with the Holiday Act. If you are an existing Edays customer and have employees in Denmark, please contact our support desk and we’ll be able to help you. 

    If you’re not yet using Edays but want to learn more, click here for a personalized demo.  

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