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Podcast: The rise of employee stress & burnout risks – is it just a lockdown problem?

11 March 2021 2 min read

lady listening to state of work podcast

There is no shortage of coverage on the fact that stress and burnout in the workplace are on the rise, and most of this points to the changes in our lives and our work as a direct result of the COVID pandemic. But is this only because lockdown is resulting in us all being more stressed? Or does it go beyond this, and has lockdown only served to uncover that we weren’t really paying attention to existing causes of stress in the first place?

In collaboration with our partners Doctorcare Anywhere, join Clare Corlett and a panel of healthcare experts as we explore what stress is and challenge some of the thoughts around what might be causing it.

About the expert panelists

Dr. Annemarie O’Connor – Clinical Psychologist at HelloSelf

Practicing Clinical Psychologist for over 17 years; applying current science and evidence to support people to recover, and stay well beyond recovery. Annemarie has a particular passion for early intervention and prevention and how we can use technology to improve accessibility and outcome.

Dr. Sophie Dix – Head of Content at Foundations

Sophie spent 25 years dedicated to understanding and treating mental health conditions. Leads the content strategy for Koa Health’s evidence-based app which leverages technology to give personalised interventions to support mental wellbeing.

Benny Mathe – Clinical Operations Manager for Mental Health at Doctor Care Anywhere

Clinical Nurse Specialist with over 15 years of experience working in frontline secondary Mental Health services.

Andreas Paris – Clinical Lead at Kooth

Andreas has extensive clinical and research experience in the application of evidence-based practices in psychiatric disorders and clinical symptomatology.

About the host

Clare Corlett – Commerical Propositions Director at Doctorcare Anywhere

Over 12 years of experience in relationship management and developing compelling value propositions. Has been working in digital healthcare for over 5 years with a passion for delivering services that truly help people look after their health.


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