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Attention CTOs: HR tech has come knocking

8 December 2020 3 min read

HR Technology

Organisational upgrades in tech stacks rarely impact the HR team. When reviewing technology needs around an office, HR teams can often be overlooked when more traditional teams like Sales and Marketing drive more obvious business orientated results with their tech upgrades. Or that was the case before Covid-19 arrived.

The demand for HR technology has sky-rocketed, and for good reason. Companies are in positions where a significant proportion of their workforce is now working from home. They need to work with HR teams to utilize technology that prioritizes employee wellbeing, sick leave, and holiday approval, in ways we couldn’t have previously imagined.

Here are three things to consider for technology leaders in the world of work.

A waste of paper

With more flexibility being shown in the workplace, certain archaic, inefficient processes will also have to come into lines, such as the simple spreadsheet and paper form. It is astonishing that organisations still rely on such time-consuming protocols. With people working from home, calling in sick, and booking a holiday is all done remotely and viewed through the sphere of COVID- 19, the whole process of informing the business who is in and who out needs a total overhaul.

Managing holidays via the cloud, rather than through print out form allows for greater flexibility and comes with the added bonus of analytics that can be used from a wellbeing perspective.

Virtual wellbeing

The virus has put a strain on and impacted almost every part of our society, not least our mental health. The welcomed addition of virtual GP technology has allowed HRs to take responsibility, and in turn, help employees to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

With mental health issues on the rise in workplaces, software like this is perfect for CTOs looking to underpin proactive support of their remote working staff. It highlights a shift in society to be more understanding and sensitive to invisible health issues. Helping teams responsible for wellbeing to signpost staff that may be struggling is not only seen as a duty of care, but one that ultimately helps promote happy, efficient, and productive workers.

Too sick for the office

Now more than ever the reasons for sickness need to be examined, not left unspoken. If an employee is sick their symptoms need to be understood, and teams need to be notified if they fall on a spectrum at all in line with coronavirus. For CTOs this is not just a question of employee wellbeing but one of wider business success, which will be underpinned by technology. Asking the simple, sometimes uncomfortable questions, related to why someone is sick, will have to become normalized as lockdown measures ease. Having accessible and sensitive software will make this process a lot easier for all involved.

The responsibility of CTOs

COVID has forced the country to transform the way it works and working from home has enabled many businesses to remain operational and successful during these times. But where the next real change needs to happen is making this working environment sustainable for the long term. CTOs will need to bear the responsibility here and equip their staff and HR teams with technology that can support the wider business in the years to come.

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Chris Moseley CTO at edays
December 8, 2020

Chris is Chief Technology Officer and co-founder at edays. He has over 15 years of experience in developing industry-leading web-based applications with a broad, in-depth knowledge of IT and a true passion for solving problems through the use of technology.