The recent Sickness Absence Survey by EEF has reported that the current number of sick days stands at 5.1 days per employee per year. This can be compared positively to the CIPD Absence Management Survey in 2014, which revealed average absence levels of 6.6 days per employee.

But how does this figure compare when looking at employees in different regions of the UK?

This new report shows positive results across the UK, particularly when compared with those from the earlier CIPD study. The North West was the region with the highest average number of working days lost to sickness absence at 6.2, still less than the average taken from the CIPD report.

The West Midlands displayed the lowest number of sick days per employee per year at 4.2 days.

The report indicates that setting sickness absence targets are becoming more important for businesses across the UK, with almost two-thirds now making this n organisational priority. Despite this, only 18% of companies measure the cost impact of sickness absence on their organisation, which the CIPD reported at a cost of £609 per employee per year in their 2014 report.