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Working in tandem to tackle sickness and presenteeism

Together, edays and BHSF are able to combine effective absence management with EAP to empower businesses and their employees around the world to work smarter, happier, and healthier.

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About BHSF

BHSF offers services which are accessible at any time, anywhere, enabling users to connect with these services in a place that they feel comfortable in. With their health and wellbeing service, BHSF RISE and their EAP services, BHSF offers dedicated, specific support in an array of areas ensuring that employees are receiving the support they need, when they need it most.

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customers across the UK

Unlimited call length


BHSF understands the courage it takes to ask for help. Their support is completely confidential, read more about the support available below.


EAP service with legal and financial support

BHSF’s EAP allows your employees to access a 24/7 telephone helpline, enabling them to speak in confidence to an accredited counsellor or subject specialist. Employees can receive advice and information on areas including Stress, Anxiety, Emotional problems, Relationship difficulties, Bereavement, Family issues, Health and wellbeing, Financial and debt support from Auriga and Legal support from Irwin Mitchell.

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Health and wellbeing service – BHSF RISE

BHSF RISE is a revolutionary service offering employees personalised, on-demand advice and support from a breadth of expert mental health, financial and legal providers – a package of support unequalled within the employee welfare industry, available through Edays.
BHSF RISE is a tailored service built around an individual’s specific needs – in particular, their mental health wellbeing. No matter the complexity of an individual’s case, BHSF RISE will be by their side until a resolution is reached.


Want to learn more?

BHSF understands the courage it takes to ask for help. Their support is completely confidential. Your employees can be assured that BHSF's trained counsellors will do all they can to support them through their journey.