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Building a Culture of Assurance

SQEPtech’s partnership with edays helps businesses utilise absence data seamlessly across their HCM solutions; connecting their key absence data with payroll, Core HR, learning, performance, and beyond. Collaborating to implement solutions swiftly, we enable businesses to gain from efficient processes, and enhanced employee experiences.

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About SQEPtech

SQEPtech are a team with a passion for innovating, adopting technology so that businesses gain assurance of data integrity as it moves between systems. An experienced SaaS software development and implementation practice, SQEPtech provides and implements high-quality standard or customised solutions connecting and seamlessly moving data between your systems, such as Edays, Cornerstone OnDemand, SQEPtech payroll (SQEPpay), Active Directory, eSQEP, Outlook and Teams.

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SQEPtech’s customisable solutions take your business further. From APIs, eSQEP, SQEPpay to consultancy and implementation services, SQEPtech provides assured, effective solutions.

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Implementations and Consultancy:

SQEPtech guides you through your design, build and implementation of solutions such as Edays, Cornerstone, SQEPpay and eSQEP. SQEPtech employs an agile, collaborative methodology to deliver best value to clients. From analysis, design, solution architecture and deployment, SQEPtech’s managed approach supports realising benefits.


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Using either standard or customisable integrations, SQEPtech connects your systems, such as Edays, SQEPpay, Cornerstone OnDemand, Active Directory, Outlook, Teams and many more. Automated, seamless flows of data provide assurance of data integrity and security.

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eSQEP, SQEPpay and connect

Manage competency assurance, ensuring teams have the right people are in the right roles, using SQEPtech’s eSQEP app. The SQEPpay app eliminates the cost and time associated with routine tasks with a UK cloud solution. The connect range of solutions allows different apps to talk to each other, automatically.

Want to learn more?

Using Edays and SQEPtech in a collaborative way allows businesses to utilise absence data seamlessly across their HCM solutions and connect this data with payroll, Core HR and beyond. Learn more today.