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Enrich your absence reporting with People Insights

Save time and unlock your people data with visual, pre-built, easy-to-use dashboards.

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Trusted by over 1,400 companies worldwide.

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Features our customers love

People Insights reporting dashboards

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Interactive Visuals

Display and explore your people data in interactive charts and graphs, making it easier to access, interpret and present large volumes of information, without the need to wade through lots of raw data.

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Automated Calculations

Cut the manual process and complex calculations with pre-built metrics. People Insights helps you to save time and simplify your data management and reporting, with automated calculations of absence rates, remaining entitlements and sickness leave.

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Custom Filters

No two sets of people data are the same and so we provide the flexibility to customise your dashboards as you see fit. Implement custom filters to dig deeper into your data and find the information you need.

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Comparison Tools

Take a deep dive into your reporting with our user-friendly comparison tools. With the ability to break down large sets of data, we make it easier to identify trends and patterns, and spot possible issues before they even occur.

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Stats Widgets

The roles of HR, Finance and Operations professionals are extensive, and we know that those delving into people data may not have time to jump into the full data set every time. Our widgets pull out key stats so you can access important information in a quick, digestible way.

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Q&A Type Box

For those times you're looking for a specific piece of data and don't want to filter through the full set to find it, just use our free type Q&A box. Ask plain language to get quick, automated answers to your questions.

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Visual, easy to understand reporting dashboards

Having access to lots of data is great. But having to regularly run manual reports can become a burden. Especially if you need to present this data to key stakeholders or board members who need the information to be in a presentable and easy-to-understand format.

Our visual, interactive reporting dashboards present the information to you in a way that makes your job much easier. They update in real time so you know you’re always working with the most up to date stats, and you can hover over any of the graphs or boards to dig into the data deeper.

Spot trends early, be notified of key statistics with handy widget blocks, and get a better understanding of your people data by using our comparison tool that makes it simple to view multiple layers of information in one coherent place.

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Automated calculations to remove the manual process

Even the most highly skilled data and technology expert would agree that automation beats manual process, pretty much every time. Removing the need to do complex calculations and comparisons, our People Insights feature automates the process from start to finish and enables you to access the data you need instantly.

And for those who aren’t data and technology experts, this tool closes the gap to enable you to access the information you need in a quick, user-friendly way.

Our estimates show that People Insights will save you more than 10 minutes in creating just one report (versus a manual builder). That’s a lot of time saved when you consider the need to build multiple reports per week or month! Time that can then be spent improving the employee experience, and empowering the workforce.

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Transform data into actionable, people-led information

Managing a workforce, especially a large one, can mean that you’re working with massive volumes of data at any one time. Absences, sickness rates, output by location, hours worked – and that’s only the employee data stored in your edays system! That doesn’t even touch on all the other data that HR, finance and operations are working with for their teams.

The problem with working with large volumes of data is that the meaning, context and story behind it can become lost in translation. Which doesn’t make it easy to interpret and action the numbers you see in front of you. Enter, People Insights. Our handy reporting tool enables you to transform raw data into rich, meaningful information that can be addressed or actioned as needed.

Whatever scenario you’re looking to understand, whether it be for an individual, a team, a location or a business function, you can set custom filters to quickly and easily access the information you need at the click of a button.

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Unlock all of the data in your edays system

Our standard absence reporting tool is great for unlocking all of the data in your edays system. But we know a lot of people prefer to work with information in a much more visual way, that can be accessed instantly.

With pre-build dashboards, People Insights is ready to go from the offset, and requires no building or exporting to get the data you require. However, we haven’t sacrificed any of the customisation or flexibility that exists in our manual reporting tool.

With custom filters and the ability to personalise your dashboard to focus on the areas you work in the most, People Insights is an analytics tool built to empower you to make smarter and more informed decisions.

edays has enabled us to follow processes more rigorously and a big benefit is the visibility of absence throughout the organisation. The reporting functionality is used to show clearly which departments need to focus on employee engagement and wellbeing when it comes to sickness absence. It has also allowed us to keep on top of the holiday bottleneck and ensure that we have a smoother flow of absence throughout the year which is much easier to manage.

edays is a great system that is easy to use and understand when it comes to logging sickness and booking holiday. It provides us with all the absence information we need through one screen and the system can offer expert medical advice to ill employees at the click of a button.

Mathias Grosse, HR Officer – McClures

We really struggled with countries using the old HRIS system, we had very little flexibility and limited functionality across HCM. With the combination of Cornerstone for booking and managing learning alongside the absence tracking and reporting offered through edays, we’ve found a solution that has saved endless hours of admin and increased employee engagement globally.


Your People Insights questions, answered

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How can I trial People Insights?

We’d be happy to show you our People Insights tool, just fill out our form to book a demo.

How is People Insights different to the standard edays reporting?

People Insights is a much more visual, interactive and accessible tool for diving into your data. Our standard reporting tool is a report builder, whereas People Insights removes the manual work and presents the information in a way that’s more actionable.

Is People Insights included in my edays subscription?

This will depend on your subscription model. People Insights is an add-on feature, so not all of our customers automatically have this included. If you want to find out if you have access to it, or to add this to your subscription, reach out to our Customer Success team.

Do I get access to more data with People Insights?

People Insights pulls from your edays data in the same way that the standard reporting tool does. However, there are limitations in the standard option such as comparing different data sets, which you’re able to do within People Insights.

Is People Insights suitable for small businesses?

We typically see this tool being utilised by medium to large companies, given the volume of data they need to work with. However, this is available to any company who would like it adding to their subscription, so if you feel like it’d be a great tool for your small business then we’d be more than happy to chat to you about this.

If I add People Insights on to my subscription, who gets access to this?

You can decide who gets access to this tool. We think that it’d be most useful to HR, Finance and Operations, but you can add it to the license of any team member you feel would benefit.

Can I buy People Insights without an edays subscription?

No, People Insights pulls exclusively from edays data, it doesn’t use external sources. Therefore, you’ll need an active edays subscription and active users in order to generate the data that you can then report on.

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