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"e-days offers absence management that companies don't get from core HR."


Reducing absence processing time by over 300% at Monster Energy

"e-days has revolutionised absence management for us. We're very happy with the versatility of the system and the customer support we receive. Whenever I meet other HR professionals I always recommend e-days."

Ben Efford (MCIPD), HR Business Partner at Monster Energy

Frequently asked questions

What is e-days?

e-days is a cloud-based solution that makes holiday tracking and absence management easy and accurate for organizations around the world.  

It takes the problem away from HR and managers to deliver an amazing employee experience. If you want an accurate, highly configurable system - precisely mapped to your organization’s rules, then e-days is for you. 

What if I have fewer than 50 employees?

While we'd love to work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, our solution isn't the best fit if you have fewer than 50 employees. We may offer a basic version of e-days in the future, but in the meantime, we have an Excel Leave Planner that's FREE to download here.

What happens after I request a demo?

Our friendly team will contact you as soon as they receive your demo request to arrange a suitable time to take you through e-days.

Do I have to install any software or pay anything for the demo?

There’s no software to install and no payment required. We will simply arrange a screen share with you to show you around e-days. We do all the work to make it as easy as possible for you.

How long will a demo last?

Our demos last around 20 minutes to cover the main features and functionality of e-days. We'll set up an online screen share to walk you through the system answering any questions you have.

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