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5 Ways to Champion Employee Wellbeing During Covid-19

During these extremely testing times, it isn’t just the business that is suffering. Employee’s mental wellbeing is currently taking a huge hit. If businesses don’t look after their employees now, there may not be a business to come back to after this is all over. To help you get through this, we have created a guide on how you can champion employee wellbeing.



6 Reasons Why Absence Management is Failing Your Business

If you can understand employee absence patterns in your business, you can introduce policies and practices that will champion employee wellbeing and make absences less likely in the future.

The problem is, it can be difficult to tell if your current absence management system is failing you. It’s hard to spot problems and root out inefficiencies when you just do something the way it’s always been done.



How to Foster and Engage a Productive Workforce

A happy and successful business is all down to the employees. Happy employees are productive. Productive employees work hard and help the business grow. However, there are some big issues that are preventing employees’ productivity. We surveyed over 250 senior HR leaders to discuss the biggest issues hindering workforce productivity.

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State of Employee Absence Report

Did you know February is the most popular month for employee sickness? We’ve analysed the data of close to 200,000 e-days users to analyse half-year sickness absence trends, download now to find out more!


Customer Success Stories

See how other businesses like yours are using e-days to better manage employee absence.

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Discover the latest trends and topics from our thought leaders.

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On-Demand Webinar: Employee mental health, a ticking time bomb. How to tackle it now

Join Alex Griffiths and Dr. Lia Ali from Doctor Care Anywhere on a journey to understand and overcome the key challenges of employee mental health.


On-Demand Webinar: How to Manage GDPR in HR

Organisations still using paper and spreadsheets for Absence Management processes are running the risk of confidential employee data falling into the wrong hands. Watch our webinar to learn more about the challenges and solutions.

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Bradford Calculator

Our easy to use Bradford calculator will allow you to ‘score’ your employees by applying a relative weighting to each employee’s absence. This calculator is free for you to access and use and can be used as the first step in managing absence in your business.

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